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Jun's Taxi and Local Needs

For the many year's I've been in business, I've come across various guests with specific transportation needs. There's guests who are in need of a ride to and from the airport for a one day meetings on the island, guests who requests rides to hotels, restaurants, shops, and guests requesting around the island tours with a personalized touch. One request that I've been seeing a lot more often are from locals; locals who are in need of transportation to and from appointments, or simply needing a personal driver for that day to take them to wherever they need to. There are many unforseen circumstances where people are unable to obtain transportation. But for whatever reason it is, I take great pleasure in helping locals in need. Here are some of the examples of scenarios I've dealt with:

Medical Appointments

I've had guests in the past who arrive from neighboring islands and requested transporation to and from their medical appointments. It is not uncommon for locals to travel to and from neighboring islands for specialized doctors appointments.

Residential Transporation

I've come to learn that there are a lot of independent business personnels who leave the island for work and would need transportation to and from the airport from their residence. The feedback that I got back from these guests was that it would make more sense to call for a taxi than to leave their car at the airport and be charged higher fees.

Personal Transportation

As you may already know, the Big Island is far from New York City where you are able to use your feet as transporation. Simply, a vehicle is needed to get around. I've had guests in the past that has needed my services to get around for the day. I've driven to Hilo and back to Kona for locals who needed errands done.

There are many other scenarios but those were just to name a few. For whatever reason it may be, I enjoy helping locals in need. Whether it be for appointments, a ride home or simply errands needed on the other side of the island, with Jun's Taxi it can definitely be done. We are after all, "Ohana" - no one gets left behind! Aloha!

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