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About Jun's Taxi

How long has Jun's Taxi been in business?

Jun's Taxi was founded in 2007 and is a family owned business that is rooted in dedication and values.

How was Jun's Taxi Created?

Our founder, Jun Busque worked many years of hard work in the hospitality industry, specifically in the valet department.  Jun would assist guests who stayed at the hotel and would often get feedback about the lack of transportation services there were on the Big Island.  While Jun recommended the only few transportation companies he knew at the time, he recognized the demand for the industry.  Jun  also know's the Big island of Hawai'i very well and is also a very experienced driver.  He has a passion for providing exceptional customer service and takes pride in doing so.  With much thought, Jun knew that if he were to start a business, he would start a transportation business that would provide comfort and safety for all his passengers. Jun made the ultimate leap & sacrifice to leave his occupation as a valet attendant and start his own taxi service company, Jun's Taxi.


With over 15 years of experience in valet parking and guest services in the hospitality industry, Jun has a track record of providing great satisfaction to any and all he has encountered.

Look for Jun's Taxi and receive a warm welcome to the Islands, as well as a fun, enjoyable ride, whether it be a pick-up, drop-off or a tour around the whole island.

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Owner, Jun Busque

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